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Game Industry Networking is a platform for gaming professionals to talk about developing better games, share news and ideas, solve problems in a friendly and casual environment. We are currently hosting 3 regular events: 


•  Hamburg Game Industry Networking  
•  Beijing Game Industry Networking 
•  "Decision Maker Dinner" during major conferences

Patrik Wilkens

Profile Spil 2017.jpg

Patrik loves products and creating meaningful relations. Starting his career when mobile phone batteries lasted weeks, Patrik and his teams released and managed over 20 successful products so far. Patrik is VP Mobile for Azerion, Accountable for the happiness and development of 50 interdisciplinary & intercultural colleagues, deliver products our fans love and internal services to help the company unleash its full potential. Patrik is also the founder of Game Industry Networking – enabling smart people to share ideas and grow their network.

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